10 Things About Me

Advance, NC

10 things about me

10 things you probably don’t want to know or need to know about me…but I am going to share them anyways.

1.) I was on yearbook staff for THREE years in High school.  It was probably the most work I did in any of my classes in high school although we did spent a lot of time eating pizza and watching movies.

2.) I started taking photos in high school with a Easy Share Kodak camera.  I think I went through 3 of these bad boys until I finally got a “real” camera Nikon D90 in 2009.  That was the same year I had my first son.

3.) If I am at home without any plans to go anywhere I am in my LuLaRoe leggings, a t-shirt (possibly over-sized) and fuzzy socks with slippers.  I have been known to go to the mailbox like this.

4.) I love wine.  I normally have a glass…or two, once or twice a week. However, it has been weeks since I have had any wine…because of number 5.

5.) My family has been on a new diet/nutrition plan and it is the first time we have stuck to it for more than a week or just a few days.  My husband and I have been losing weight (you know the weight that has been hanging around since baby #1, yeah remember that was 2009!).   I am very proud of my husband, he has lost 21 pounds in about 4 weeks.

6.) I have to make my bed every morning.  Laundry could be piled up, dishes from last night in the sink…but as long as my bed is made I feel good about it all.

7.) I love mint.  Mint ice cream, mint tea, mint candy, mint cookies, mint coffee, mint yogurt, mint milk shake…mint anything that I can find!  Mojitos are my jam. You either hate it or love it.  And I love mint.

8.) I have been trying to wake up early this week.  I think everyone is confused.  Even the dog.  I read successful people wake up early.  I am wondering if that means I can wake up, then go back to bed and it still counts.  I am not a morning person, see number 10.

9.) I love music but most of the time when I get in the car alone…without any kids I just have it silent.  I don’t even think about putting music on, I just drive alone and enjoy the silence alone.

10.) Coffee.  Yes, you don’t want to talk to me…my poor kids do NOT want to talk to me until I have at least ONE sip of coffee. And it will have peppermint creamer in it.  When we go on vacation or to a new place…my boys always look for a new coffee mug for me.  Momma must have her coffee.

So that is 10 things about me you probably don’t want or need to know about me.  But there they are. Surely we have something in common?  Comment below if you can relate with me on any.

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  1. Tyler

    I love mint icecream too, how can’t someone!?! Nice learning “10 things about you.”

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