3 Month Old Baby Photography | Winston-Salem Photographer

Winston-Salem, NC

3 Month Old Baby Photography | Winston-Salem, NC

When you have a baby 3 months goes by so fast.  When you are in each day it may seem slow but then you look at the calendar and you realize a month, 2 months…3 months has gone by since you brought this sweet baby into your world.  They start looking different and their little personality is slowly starting to unfold.  3 month olds still have that little bobble head and they can’t lay on the bellies well, although maybe for short periods of time.  But what I love to capture at 3 months is the way they look at their mommy and daddy, smile when they hear the sound of their siblings, the way they are slowly starting to change from that newborn look.  They are cooing and maybe smiling more and they may have discovered their feet or hands.  Their little cheeks are starting to fill out and little baby rolls are starting to develop. They don’t usually smile on cue, it is more of a lucky chance when you can get those smiles captured but they are always so precious smiling or not.

This is Birdie and she is 3 months old.  She loves the sound of her mommy’s voice and her brother and sister have ways of making her smile.  They were able to get her smiling during part of the photography session.  Mom spent time getting their outfits together and she did a wonderful job.  Mint green is one of my favorite colors and she pulled it off well and I am so glad she got in a few shots with the kids.  I don’t think you can ever have enough photos with your children.  They are only little for so long.

I am looking forward to watching Birdie grow with her brother and sister this year during her baby photography sessions.

Winston-Salem, NCWinston-Salem, NCWinston-Salem, NCWinston-Salem, NCWinston-Salem, NC



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  1. Ashlee Freeman

    These photos are beautiful! I can relate so much to this, as my husband and I just welcomed our first child February 5th. Time is flying by and she is getting so big so quick. I am so excited for the future but I don’t want to wish time away, because every second is precious!

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