6 Ways to Use your Photographs Besides Framing Them

6 Ways to Use your Photographs Besides Framing Them

As much as I love hanging the images of my family that Megan captures – there are lots of ways you can be crafty and creative with your prints and DIY is always frugal.  The great thing is that Megan gives you access to your photographs digitally so with just a printer and a few craft supplies- you can make these at home quickly and frugally.

Photographs DIY M.Gioeli Photography

Make personalized coasters. Get a thin piece of wood from the craft of home improvement store and use ModgePodge to attach the portraits and seal it to the wood.  Use thin, multiple layers to create a waterproof seal.  Then you’ll always know who left their empty glass on the table!

Photographs in Guess Who

I LOVE this idea, place portraits of friends & family in place of the characters in Guess Who! Imagine the questions you will get! 

Get wooden letters from the craft or hobby store and ModgePodge them with small photographs of family and friends.  Paint the wooden letter first so the sides pop and use black & white images to cover the letter.

For the holidays- use an empty ball ornament and put a little décor inside (glitter or beads) and then roll a small photograph and allow it to unroll inside- so the image sits inside the ball.  You can personalize each one with small things that pair with the person’s interests or personality.  You could have your entire family on the tree this holiday. If you find the balls that split into half- it’s even easier! Just trim and lay the image inside and snap closed. Then add any accessories you want.

Create a puzzle. Glue the photograph on heavy cardstock and cut out puzzle pieces.. You could even take one of Megan’s head to toe images of your child and create a lego puzzle that they can mix & match body parts! Put 4-5 Mega Blocks together and glue the image to them. Use a razor blade to cut along the edges of each piece. Use ModgePodge over each image to give extra durability.  If you create one for multiple family members- Dad’s head can be on Johnny’s Body and Mom’s feet can be under Jane’s knees. You could also print a larger image and glue onto multiple cubes. You could have 6 different puzzles from the cubes. Again, ModgePodge is your fried.

Create custom fridge magnets by using metal drink caps (collect all the beer tops from your next BBQ). Place a small photo on the inside and pour some ModgePodge on top and allow to completely try.  It will harden and trap the image inside.  Place a magnet on the back. This is a great way to keep the fridge art controlled. Each child can have one or two magnets.

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Megan is a family, children, maternity, newborn, baby, high school senior and wedding photographer. She specializes in family photography, children photography and newborn photography at an affordable price.  Most of her sessions takes place in an outdoor setting in Mocksville, Advance, Clemmons, Winston-Salem and Kernersville, NC.  Her main goal is to capture lasting photographs for you of your kids being kids, you being you and your family being your family!  

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