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I had a sweet friend share this with me on Facebook and I wish I had found it sooner!  I am in LOVE and I am so excited to offer this product to my clients.

Have you heard of Plunder?  Plunder is a line of jewelry that offers vintage unique designs with as they call it savvy prices — I call it beautifully affordable!

In a few weeks the consultant for Plunder will share with us some information on my blog but in the meantime I can’t wait to show you what I ordered.

It is called Atlas.  It is a round 2″x2″ pendant that features your favorite photo!  I also added some beautiful earrings to my order…but the pendant is what I mainly came here to tell you about.

I love all the products Plunder offers and they are very affordable.

M.Gioeli Photography Advance, NC

When I first got the necklace and my boys saw me wearing it they were so excited.  The Atlas comes with a tag they you can personalize.  Mine reads, my dens, with hearts. I added a charm which was an option, I think it just completed the piece.  Of course my little guy likes to pull on my necklace.  But that is one the reasons I wanted to learn more about Plunder because since it is so affordable and I loved everything I saw in the catalog, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t cheaply made, and it is not.  Maxden (my little guy) pulls on it all the time…even though I try to avoid him from pulling on it, and I feel very comfortable with it not breaking.

Soon I will have the necklace (and possibly other Plunder photo jewelry pieces) available to purchase off your photo gallery if you are interested.  For now you can order off my Plunder’s party website:


I hope you LOVE your Plunder pendant photo necklace as much as I do!  Below are a few more of my favorites out of the catalog. I think there are so many pieces that are perfect to pair with your clothing for a upcoming photography session.

M.Gioeli Photography Advance, NC

If you have any questions about Plunder or why I like it feel comment on this post or send me an email at Megan@MGioeliPhotography.com 

8 thoughts on “A new product I LOVE!

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  2. Amy Rider

    Love the picture necklace.. adorable!!

  3. Angel Howard

    I love the necklace with the picture of your little guys! I would love to have one with an updated picture of the kids.

  4. Katie Gioello

    What a great way to carry around “memories.” This is beautiful 🙂

  5. Andrea

    This is a fantastic gift idea! I know the grandparents would love a necklace displaying a photo of their three frandkids.

  6. Brandi stone

    I would love to have a pendant like this w my lil guy’s pic in it!!

  7. MichelleLW

    this jewelry is so cute and unique.

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