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Game Changer for the Nail Industry and Busy Women Everywhere

Do you make a consistent effort for self care? Finding the time to take care of yourself is difficult when most of us have busy schedules, small children, or demanding jobs. What about your budget?  Formula is a must, organic vegetables are a splurge, and those bills are never ending. When do we give back to ourselves? HOW do we fill our own cups, so we can help fill up everyone else’s?

I have 3 kids ages 10, 5, and 3.  I hate to admit it, but I have spent most of those 10 years completely burned out. I have terrible time management and ADHD.  These things together create the perfect storm. I always knew I should MAKE time for myself, but of course work, dirty dishes and smelly diapers always jumped to the front of the to-do list.  My bucket was always running dry. My excuse was, this is just how this season of life is.  I am a caregiver, and I will take care of myself again…. someday. I spent almost 10 years of viewing showers as a luxury and doing my makeup only on very rare occasion.  Even getting dressed didn’t happen every day (probably more days than I want to admit.)  I have lived merely in survival mode.  For almost 10 years.

The problem was, it wasn’t working. AT ALL.  I was tired. I was not fulfilled. I was always behind.  Though I didn’t fill my to-do list with my own wants, it was never near complete. I was ALWAYS behind. In other words, not taking care of me wasn’t the answer.

Using my time on myself felt wrong, but MAYBE I needed to step back and listen to the experts. This began a journey of self development… Youtube videos, books, podcasts, and blogs. I searched everywhere for the answers.  I realized I needed to simplify my life. I needed to feel “put together” again.  

I needed to just start SOMEWHERE. I had to make baby steps.

I made a bedtime for myself, so my sleep became a priority.  I started making sure I was drinking enough water.  I took the time to be mindful throughout the day, using a meditation app. I set out my clothes the night before to make sure I got dressed in the morning.  Also, I started consistently doing my nails. 

 I know it may seem silly, but these are little things I didn’t do before, and they are all about ME. This is how I started to fill my own cup.

Sharing these nails is why I wrote this blog. We all know how to set a bedtime, drink enough water, download an app, or put out clothes.  Having pretty nails fit into our schedules and budgets is not something most women know about.  It’s brand new in the nail industry, and it is amazing.

I LOVE having my nails done, but TWO things stopped me before. 1. Time and 2. Money.  There is no way I had an extra $80 a month to keep up on my nails, or time to drive and SIT in a salon twice a month. What about painting? Between drying time, smudging, and almost instant chipping? No thanks.

I found out about this new nail product a few months ago when a friend reached out and offered a free sample. To be nice, I accepted the free sample. After she asked me how I liked them, I had to actually put them on so I could give her an answer.

My answer was, I need ALL the information on these because they are GAME CHANGING.  These nails were the perfect addition to my self-care baby steps.

To cover the basics… they are nail polish strips that don’t take a lot of 1. Time and 2. Money.  Let’s just say an average of 20 minutes to do your nails from home and $12 for a set (which can give you a mani AND pedi.) No heat, no tools, no smudging, no dry time, AND I can listen to my podcasts while doing them (woo hoo for multi-tasking!)

I decided to not only use these nails strips, but make them a part time job as well.  I created a Facebook group called “Happy Nails” because, well, having pretty nails makes me happy (sometimes it’s the little things.)  Here, I always have a catalog and shopping link.  You can also see the newest colors and designs being released every season.

I now get paid for doing my nails and sharing them with other women who love doing their nails too.

I know my self-care routine steps are not individually life changing, but they are all a step in the right direction. And steps get you somewhere. So come with me, and start taking them too!

Guest Blog Post:  Jessica Judson

Jessica is a work from home mother of 3 and currently resides in North Carolina. She focuses on finding balance and peace in the present, while living in a demanding and overly distracting world.

Facebook group: Happy Hands

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