Choosing jewelry pieces for your photos

Jewelry and your photos

You have decided it is time to update family photos. The next step is usually a love/hate relationship, coordinating outfits and accessories. Ladies have no fear! Keep these five simple jewelry tips in mind and you will no longer have to worry about the finishing touches to the masterpiece.

  1. Be YOU. If you are not someone who typically wears jewelry, you can still incorporate a piece adding that final touch that is needed. That final touch could be wearing a dainty necklace or pairing earrings and a bracelet. Be comfortable. Any discomfort or awkwardness could show through in the pictures, which let’s face it nobody has time for that.

  2. Jewelry can be a form of art showing others your personality. Some are bling flashy, some are colorful and artsy, and there are some that are plain and simple.  Also keep in mind many necklaces are versatile. Don’t be afraid to play with your necklaces. There are so many different options of how to wear your favorite pieces if you use your imagination. The two collages below show the same necklace worn different ways. Some have added on charms while others added the matching bracelet for length.M.Gioeli Photography Plunder Jewelry Winston Salem NCM.Gioeli Photography Plunder Jewelry Winston Salem NCM.Gioeli Photography Plunder Jewelry Winston Salem NC

  3. If you are wearing a busy pattern, keep your jewelry simple. You don’t want to overdo or take away from the photos. If you want a statement necklace, use simple earrings to compliment.

  4. Determine your color scheme and attire. Once you have the attire picked accessorize from there. The neckline jewelry cheat sheet below is a guideline to get you started on the right track. Remember to be you and choose what works best for your style. M.Gioeli Photography Plunder Jewelry

  5. Don’t be afraid to layer! Whether it is necklaces or bracelets layering is H.O.T! If nothing else it is a distraction from not wearing makeup or the cheerio’s in your hair from the kids breakfast this morning, am I right? Use different textures to give some dimension. Incorporate gold and silver together.


M.Gioeli Photography Plunder Jewelry


M.Gioeli Photography Plunder Jewelry Winston Salem NC

My name is Heather Hooks. Thank you all for so much for reading. I am a finance coordinator by day Plunder Stylist by FUN. I have been selling Plunder jewelry for about 6 months and I love sharing my love for this company and these pieces. This job has been so rewarding working with so many other women to inspire and encourage them to be confident in who they are. I am not a sales person but I don’t have to be, the pieces in themselves are enough. If you are interested in hearing more about Plunder you can find me on Facebook- Heather Hooks or email me at

All images came from Plunder Design Get Your Shine Own Group from various other Plunder stylists. Headshot by the amazing Megan.








Megan is a family, children, maternity, newborn, baby, high school senior and wedding photographer. She specializes in family photography, children photography and newborn photography at an affordable price.  Most of her sessions takes place in an outdoor setting in Mocksville, Advance, Clemmons, Winston-Salem and Kernersville, NC.  Her main goal is to capture lasting photos for you of your kids being kids, you being you and your family being your family!  

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