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Home remedies.

If you grew up in the South then you love a good home remedy and so does your Momma! Whether it’s tobacco for a bee sting or using coke to clean out the toilet, there’s a home remedy for just about everything. Now don’t get me wrong that tobacco on a bee sting, that works! And so does the coke- BUT most home remedies in the beauty category barely touch the surface of what’s really going on down below.

You can put all the mayonnaise in your hair you want, it may make it real shiny, but it won’t cure the dead ends- you need a haircut sister! Honey does have some (emphasis on some) medicinal properties but it will not get rid of your hormonal acne baby girl!

I always warn clients before we talk home remedies that they are just going to address surface level needs!! If you have skin concerns or issues you are wanting to tackle you want to seek out a dermatologist or esthetician! (that’s very important)

BUT I do have one home remedy I LOVE, especially in the winter, and even more when the warm weather is starting to creep in!

I LOVE A GOOD SUGAR SCRUB! It’s so awesome because sugar isn’t super coarse so even the most sensitive skin can handle it! It’s going to scrub away all the dead, dry skin from winter and leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth! PLUS its super simple!

M.Gioeli Photography Greensboro, NC

Here is my basic recipe:

½ cup of sugar

3 or 3 ½ tablespoons of oil – sometimes I use almond oil, most the time just olive oil.

(I vary between the two due to how dry my skin is- less oil the coarser the scrub is!)

Viola! Mix that bad boy up and your good to go!

If you want to get fancy though…..

Add the juice of an orange, or add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil! When I’m congested I love to do peppermint and rosemary and I’ll scrub my chest and face in the shower! Woah buddy will it open you up and get you breathing. But mostly I stick with orange because it is so refreshing and it energizes me! Plus it smells good!

You can also add a little food coloring if you are putting it out for guests and want to look extra extra fancy! (It’s a great hand scrub by the sink for parties) Just make sure you go easy on the food coloring!

Always keep in an air tight container – I use mason jars! They come in all shapes and sizes and some are super cute these days!

This is such an easy way to get rid of dead dull skin and get smooth, supple radiant skin!

M.Gioeli Photography Greensboro, NC

I am Lindsey Wilkerson, an NC girl, wedding stylist and beauty lover! Whether I am at a wedding helping a bride feel gorgeous, or at church welcoming new guests making people feel good about themselves is what I was born to do! I love that doing hair and makeup is an instant way to make women feel good about themselves and firmly believe that a curling wand and a little mascara can change the world! 

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  1. Tyler

    This is an awesome and simple recipe. I’ve always wanted to try one of these and have heard a lot of buzz recently about sugar scrubs.

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