Four of a Kind?

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I will be completely honest.  When I have a busy day and I have a family signed up for a session with four kids, I get a “little” stressed.  Just a little.  I love photographing families.  I LOVE big families. Hey I came from a family of 6, my husband came from a family of 9.  Yes NINE!  I get it. But when I have to get them all in my lens, it can be a tad bit stressful THINKING about it. But guess what?  It always turned out amazing.  This family was NO exception.  Mom & Dad have four beautiful kids.  FOUR beautiful girls.  I look at each of them and they are so beautifully different, yet there was this ONE thing I instantly knew they all had in common.  Their hearts were full of life & love.

Winston-Salem, NC Family Photography Winston-Salem, NC Winston-Salem, NC Winston-Salem, NC

I love doing Family Photography

Winston-Salem, NC

This Family rocked their Family Photography session.

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7 thoughts on “Four of a Kind?

  1. Brandi Sikes

    Megan has taken our family pictures for years. I love the way she captures those sweet moments. We use her pictures for Christmas cards, birthday invites, and thank you notes. Simply the best!

  2. Stephine

    As a parent of a large family the stress definitely goes both ways! Which kid isn’t going to cooperate; what are we going to wear; is the weather going to hold up; these plus many more all come to mind plus the challenge of much older kids and much smaller kids and trying to make everyone happy. Family pictures can almost me scary for me as a mom.
    This is an adorable family and I love all of these shots!

  3. Heather Diakos

    Megan has done our family photos for a while now. We have five, three, two year olds and a newborn. we are always amazed at how she gets all of us to smile!

  4. Amy Bannister

    I totally can relate to this as a big family ourselves! That is why we only do a few family photos every so often!

  5. Christen N Nichols

    I love these pictures! I feel like any family with small kids would be daunting, but especially large families 🙂

  6. Jennifer Betson

    These look so fun!
    Glad to know we aren’t alone. The stress to prepare for family shoots is a daunting task. The planning of outfits, to everyone getting ready, to arriving and everyone in a great mood. But, the end result… totally worth it!

  7. Laura

    Beautiful family photos. You do a wonderful job catching the love and life of the family.

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