Happy Birthday to Lily, our dog!

Happy Birthday Lily!

I never thought I would be a “dog lover.”

I have always liked animals, of course love photographing them.  We had dogs growing up.  Once I got married we never had dogs, we had 2 cats.  The boys were born and never thought about getting a dog.  Then year after year after year the boys asked for a dog.  We went to the animal shelter time after time just to leave without a dog.  Then Maxden was born.  The boys asked again.  I remember looking at them, they looked 10 times bigger now that they had a baby brother and I thought, I can’t keep saying no.  They want a dog, they want to love a dog and have a best fur friend, let’s face it the cats wanted nothing to do with the boys.

So I said YES.  We will get a dog.

Dog Birthday Advance NC

We were excited, I was a little nervous but I knew it would all work out.  We have definitely had our ups and downs with Lily between training, vet bills, chew toys that aren’t her chew toys, but we love her.  She lights up when someone comes into the house.  She just wants you to take 100% of your attention to tell her Hello when you get home.  She will snuggle up to you any chance she gets.  She makes me laugh…she makes me mad…but she makes us all happy.

M.Gioeli Photography Dog Advance, NC

We adopted Lily when she was about 4 months old.  She is our first family dog.  We are so happy to be able to celebrate her 1st birthday with her.

M.Gioeli Photography Dog Advance NC

So….today, I did what every pet owner would do, right?  I bought her a birthday cake! HaHa  I have discovered Wag Boutique in Winston-Salem and bought this cute little cake for Lily to enjoy today!

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