Health is Wealth: How choosing an essential oil improved our physical and financial health in unexpected ways.

Health is Wealth: How choosing an essential oil improved our physical and financial health in unexpected ways.

In December 2013, my 3-year old had her first cold. She was coughing so much she couldn’t settle at night and I felt so bad for her. My mother-in-law was visiting from NYC and urged me to go to CVS to buy something to help my daughter feel more comfortable. I walked through the brightly-lit aisles and felt so overwhelmed. Every box had ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and the few ingredients I googled were all cancer-causing agents. I couldn’t get comfortable with the idea that I was supposed to give that to my child. I was so frustrated. Then I remembered that I had a bottle of doTERRA essential oils at home called Breathe: Respiratory Blend. I decided to give that a try and I left the store empty-handed.

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I got home and opened the kit of oils I had purchased after I attended an “intro to essential oils” class taught by my chiropractor. I grabbed the bottle of Breathe and the notes I took at the class. The notes said to use one drop of Breathe and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. One drop didn’t seem like enough, but I was so nervous that I would use too much that I didn’t dare use more. I rubbed it on her chest, neck and bottom of her feet (I had learned in the class that the oils enter the bloodstream in 30 seconds when applied to the feet) and then I stood back and just waited. I waited for her to have the signs of respiratory discomfort that she had experienced for 2 days. And waited. Then my mother-in-law, in a surprised tone of voice that echoed my thoughts said, “I think they worked”. My little girl went to bed that night and slept for 5 hours before needing me to re-apply the oils. I felt victorious, considering she was up every hour the night before.

Since that night, I’ve used doTERRA essential oils every day. I bought that original kit because I wanted something in the house that we could use that was safe, effective and pennies per use. I didn’t like taking over the counter medication, so I would just take nothing, be uncomfortable and complain. My husband took over the counter medicine for everything and would complain about the side-effects. After reading an article about Acetaminophen over-use being the number one cause of liver failure in the U.S., I wanted a happy medium for us both. I wanted something that was pure, backed by science and sold by a company that provided education and support. I wanted tools at my fingertips that I could use to make my child feel better and that I could use to balance my hormones. I wanted help supporting our immune systems. And I wanted it to actually work. That night in December affirmed for me that doTERRA would be all those things. I just needed to open the bottle and use them. I did just that and I haven’t looked back.

doTERRA continues to have a positive effect on our family today. It allows us to take charge of our health by helping us reduce our toxic load, rest more soundly, reduce stress, eat well and manage our emotions. We spend less on healthcare and are generally healthier. More than just being a healer in my home, doTERRA has allowed me to dream new things for my family. After 3 years of sharing about doTERRA with the people in my life, I was able to replace my income, leave my full-time job at a local college, and focus on raising my family. We had a second baby (a boy!) in August 2016 and I have been able to see all of his “firsts” firsthand. I’ve been a more present parent for both of my children thanks to the income-earning opportunities with doTERRA. My business continues to grow and reach more people and I feel like I’m living the life I am called to- I get to raise my kids full time and help other families use natural solutions for their physical and financial health. I teach free classes about how to use essential oils. I cover the basics, as well as specific topics (kids and oils, Women’s Health, Cleaning with doTERRA, Immune support, etc). I get to see people of every age come into a healthier version of themselves, shedding the mental and physical burden of being unhealthy and unhappy. doTERRA has truly been a blessing to me and the people with whom I share about oils.

Want to learn more about using doTERRA in your home? Want to explore doTERRA as an income opportunity? Please visit my website, join me on facebook or text/call me at 336-823-7085. No question is too big or small when it comes to the health and well-being of your family.


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Carrie Moran is a wellness advocate with doTERRA International and self-proclaimed oily wife to Rob and oily mom to Rachel and Ben. She gets to spend her day taking care of her family and teaching others how to use natural solutions for physical and financial health. She loves to read (when her kids give her a minute!), bake, bird-watch and “oil” anyone who will let her! She is originally from New York and has been living in Greensboro, NC for 8 years. Please visit her website for more information






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