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I love having new family photographs to hang on the wall (or let’s be real, cherish digitally until I finally get them printed on a canvas or framed!). When my second child was born in 2011, we booked a grow with me package with M. Gioeli Photography and it was one of the best investments ever. I love having those precious moments captured. Our second born was in the NICU for two weeks and Megan came over the day after we got home. We were exhausted, worried, and so happy to be home. When I look at the pictures Megan took all I see is LOVE.

One thing I did not love for a long time about family pictures was the stress of putting together coordinating outfits and trying to look put together after being up all night with a newborn. Fast forward a few years to November 2015 when I discovered LuLaRoe clothing. I used to dread going to try on clothes because nothing fit me well like it did before having three babies. I went to a LuLaRoe open house and tried all of the clothes on at someone’s house (not under fluorescent lights, which was a nice change), and I loved the dresses, the skirts, the tops, and the leggings. I went home with a new comfortable dress (with pockets!), a pencil skirt (this shocked me! A comfortable pencil skirt that looked good on me?!), a top, and the most comfortable leggings ever. For the first time in a long time, I was excited about new clothes and I even tried some fun, bold prints! LuLaRoe has definitely given me more confidence with my wardrobe and rather than dreading picking out coordinating outfits, I’ve learned to love it! I started having more fun with my clothing choices and I’ve also grown to love a good pattern mix!

Advance, NC Advance, NC

LuLaRoe recently shared some styling images and I am loving the layered look with a dress, a joy vest, and a Sarah duster-length cardigan. The great thing about wearing layers during a photo session is that removing one or two layers is an easy way to completely change your look without having to change clothes. Another way to easily create multiple looks with one outfit is to wear a versatile piece like the Carly dress. This dress can be worn as is like a dress or knotted and worn as a tunic with leggings or a skirt. Add a vest and a Sarah and create a fun new look. Change from booties and a denim jacket to sandals and a vest for a quick and easy update.

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Advance, NC

Advance, NC
Photos by Jessica Marie.

The biggest steps for me in having fun with my wardrobe were learning two key pieces of information: 1) Stripes, polka dots, and textures (a print or lace with a design, but the same color all over) ARE NEUTRAL! and 2) You don’t have to be “matchy-matchy”, just stay in the same color family.

Once I took these pattern mixing tips to heart, I was able to let go and have lots of fun with my wardrobe. When thinking about what my family of five will wear in family pictures, I start with one print that I love. Most of the time, it’s a fun print for my two year old daughter (dressing little girls is a lot of fun!). If I put my daughter in a funky geometric printed Mae dress and leggings, I might pair it with florals and polka dots in the same color family for myself and grab neutrals, stripes, and maybe even textures for my three guys.

Advance, NC

If there is anything that I’ve learned after having three kids it’s that the moments captured by a great photographer will be loved and cherished no matter what you’re wearing or how tired you were or how much you weighed. The love that Megan captures will be cherished for a lifetime.

Advance, NC

I am Jennifer Weaver, LuLaRoe fashion retailer since February 2016. I live in my hometown of Advance, NC with my husband and three kids. I have a passion for helping others and I love when I can help women and girls find clothing that makes them feel confident, comfortable, and most of all HAPPY. Most weeks I am hosting pop-ups and hanging with my family and I love a good caramel latte. I can’t wait to help you with your next LuLaRoe outfit.

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  1. Melanie Spencer

    Two things I love LuLaRoe and photography! What a great article on pattern mixing, love all the beautiful combinations and I love the vibrant photos! I really need to get my family photos updated with some LuLaRoe too and I have always loved our past sessions with M gioeli photography!

  2. Jennifer Collins

    It’s so fun to see Lularoe and ways to wear it! The patters and colors can be overwhelming to “match” so I enjoyed reading this.

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