Let them be little.

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You are brave.  You are strong.  You are Superman.  I remember 4 years with my boys.  Boys are challenging.  I know girls are too but just in different ways. I have three boys, and with the two older ones I felt like this age is when it really hit home that your are turning from a toddler to a little boy.  It is just beginning at four,  they are are still your little baby but time has its way of stealing those days too quickly.  I felt like sometimes its hard to just let them be little because some days I needed them to be the big boys they were.  I look back at their photos at four and see them being little.  I see them flying through the yard in their cape, making me laugh and making each other laugh.  Ohh those giggles!

This little guy is so sweet and I can tell he is kind.  His cousin tagged along to part of the session with him and all he wanted to do was walk with her and hold her hand.  It was really the sweetest thing.  Everywhere she went he wanted to be. He was having a Superman party for his birthday so he wanted to get a few shots of him in his cape.  I swear he flew around faster with that cape on!  He was fast, he was laughing, he was just being little.  I left his session thinking, that his session was perfect! He was just being little and that is what I miss most looking back at my boys at his age.  Let them be little.

M.Gioeli Photography Winston-Salem, NC M.Gioeli Photography Winston-Salem, NC M.Gioeli Photography Winston-Salem, NC M.Gioeli Photography Winston-Salem, NC M.Gioeli Photography Children Photography Winston-Salem, NC

During children photography sessions I not only like to capture your child for a certain milestone or season but I love to capture your child being who they are.

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7 thoughts on “Let them be little.

  1. Amanda Stephens

    That is so sweet! I miss Bryson being little but now I get to enjoy Jack being little for a few more years!!

  2. Alicia McHugh

    I love this! 4 year Olds start to be more independent, ask funny/interesting questions you never even thought to think about.

  3. Laken Blevins Hayes

    This is so true! I think more often than not we forget to just let our children be little while they still can. More so with the first one because once the second one comes along you need them to be the ‘big brother’. Great read!!

  4. Megan

    Haha I remember stressing getting ready for our pictures but really the pictures are about good memories. I don’t want to look at the pictures and think, “Gosh, I was so stressed out that day”. So let them be little ❤️

  5. Sunni

    My sweet Davis is 4, and I see the “big boy” he is becoming. I long to freeze the moments like today when he wanted to hug for 5 minutes in the middle of lunch. Thanks for always trying capture the character of our little ones.

  6. Lauren

    My baby boy is 4 right now :*( such a bittersweet time

  7. Sara Buchanan

    So true! They are little for such a short time!

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