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Photographs are the best…not only can they capture special moments, but they also capture ones self in time.  Being a mother of three, I probably take at least 10 pictures a day of my children.  Unfortunately, we are probably all guilty of not doing enough with the photographs we take, just letting them take up space in “the cloud”.

A few of years ago, I found and fell in love with the art of paper-cutting while trying to decorate a baby shower on a tight budget.  It started with simple shapes, using quality papers found at local art supply stores.  Then I starting looking into what else I could do with this new found skill/hobby…which brings me to the silhouettes.  

I’ve always loved vintage art and home decor.   So I decided to try my hand at re-creating a popular style…starting with my very own child! I took his picture (on my phone!) standing sideways against our kitchen wall.  

Using a few techniques in Photoshop, removing the background and changing the contrast, I was able to bring out details (like my sons AH-MAZING eyelashes!).  I was so excited with the results, but I still had to see if I could make it look like the digital version after cutting.

Then, I decided to add my daughter to the mix…she was only 10 months old at the time so we had to bribe her with puffs while sitting in the high chair to get the profile shot. It worked after just afew dozen attempts!

Once the digital files were finished, I had to transfer them to paper.  I printed them in reverse on white cardstock, pulled out my trusty purple XACTO, and got to work.  

My husband and I were in love!  I actually gifted this piece to him for Father’s Day and it hangs in his office at work <3 We’ve since added a third child to the family so his is coming soon! (shhhhh!)

Fast forward a few months to Christmas and we needed grandparent gift ideas!  I used silhouettes of my children and my niece to create these ornaments.  They were a hit!


We all know these moments with our loved ones are fleeting….capture them any way you can!


Mary is a Graphic & Paper Artist who runs MarySoCrafty on Etsy. She designs and hand-cuts custom paper art and unique Silhouettes to decorate any space.   She is also a mother of 3 wild and crazy kiddos that keep her on her toes every minute of the day.  Follow her on Instagram @marysocrafty to see what she comes up with next!


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