Why mini sessions?

Why mini sessions?


Mini Sessions are a great way to get just enough images to update a few frames or to change them out seasonally and share with family and friends at a lower price and less time investment.   I offer themed Mini-Sessions throughout the year. Some clients’ favorites include Easter, Valentine’s Day and Pumpkin Patch themes.

Each session is ten minutes and offers 5 final images.  Since these sessions go pretty fast, they are taken in one location and one outfit.  Outfit changes and different sceneries are offered for full-sessions.

Mini Sessions are great for capturing your child enjoying the season- playing in a pumpkin patch or playing in fresh snow. Mini-Sessions are usually less formal than full sessions.

Mini Sessions are also great if you want to capture images of your child but can’t fit in a full session into your schedule.  They are quick and fun for the kids- with about 10 minutes of photographs.  

Mini Sessions are also a good way to build up to a full session, which generally lasts 30 minutes and includes enough images to fill a photo album,  or fill in between full sessions.

I’d love to be more than the photographer you just see every few years when it’s time to update the photographs on your wall as your family grows and changes.  I want you to be a part of the MGP family.  I love getting to know you, talking to you and your kids about what is going on in your lives and watching them grow up. I’ve made so many amazing friends capturing the memories of families in the Triad and I love that I continue to make more.   The more often we met for photographs, the better the sessions go and the better the images seem to get because you, and your children, are comfortable so YOU shine more in the photographs.

No matter how many tricks I have up my sleeve (and having done this for nearly 10 years…I have a LOT), when your child sees me as more than just a stranger pointing a camera at them they will be more natural and relaxed and the best images will be captured.

If you would like to learn more about upcoming mini sessions you can here. (Newborn images cannot be done during a mini-sessions but keep in mind I do offer Keep Growing with Me packages that offers a discount when you book multiple mini sessions for the year. Here is more information regarding these packages. )

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