You made me sad today.

Do you ever have a moment (or heck a whole day!?) where you are just sad your kids are growing up?  I should feel happy and I am happy, but I feel sad today. It didn’t help that I listened for the first time, to that video that has been going around called Slow Down, yes that really didn’t help.  If you haven’t heard it, or don’t know what I am talking about here is the YouTube link to it:

Nichole Nordeman – Slow Down 

Today Maxden made me sad.  The sad that you stop in your tracks and think am I doing everything I should be doing as your Mom. The kind of sad where it makes you question things you have done as a Mom, things you are doing and things you plan to do.  It makes me hope that I am giving you the best childhood.  Do I read to you enough?  Do I make you feel as special as you are to me?  Am I teaching you to your full ability?  Should I, shouldn’t I?  You made me sad today and now I am crying.

How did you make me sad today?  You started potty training!  Something SO natural, something so common but it made me sad.  Why?  Because you little man are growing up so fast and it hurts my heart, yet I am happy, I am sad.

“let me love you a little more, before you aren’t little anymore”


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